Discreet Playmates...Welcome to Chicagoland's most elite Society of exotic and sexy College students.


What man on this earth never had the desire to spend some quality time with an exotic, drop dead gorgeous College student? Maybe you considered hiring one for a date.... just to have the experience and then changed your mind at the last minute after realizing their fees were outrageous. Well, not all hope is lost! A new game is in town.....


“Discreet Playmates”.....An exclusive Society of College students looking to practice their massage techniques on willing gentleman for FREE!! That's correct, you heard it.....a “FREE” massage from a sexy and an exotic looking College student...

What's the catch?.....it's really quite simple!


These college girls are enrolled in Massage schools and trying to perfect their skills before they graduate. The more they practice, the more skilled they become and the more money they make when they do graduate. Unlike most students who are going to graduate with no “hands on” experience, these College students will have the upper hand....


Now..Do we have any gentleman interested in helping these students become more skilled at their profession?


Now, of course, these College students are in fact in school and have geniune needs for financial help with tuition, books, and a variety of other needs. Therefore, they are asking for a slight favor from you.....but don't get scared, because we're going to offer you a deal you can't refuse in return. In a nutshell, these students are simply asking for generous gentleman to hire them for dates and

companionship, BUT, at significantly discounted prices from what you would normally expect to pay for drop dead gorgeous Escort students!


What a deal, right? Think about it...


You get a nice relaxing massage by a drop dead gorgeous College student and then you get to spend some quality time with her on top of it. And, since you helped her out by allowing her to practice on your body, she is going to reward you with a date at a much lower price than you would normally spend for a lady of her caliber and looks. It's a win win situation for everyone....

And that's not all your getting.....she is going to invite you a breathtaking location where you can relax in the serenity of a secluded, luxurious environment...set in a romantic setting with candles, music and whatever else your imagination takes the both of you......Do I have your attention yet?


These drop dead gorgeous College students can easily charge top dollar for their services, as they are clearly model material....but, don't take my word for it, check out our photo gallery! (FYI-- come back periodically and check our website, as we are constantly updating it.)

Discreet Playmates was established for the sole purpose of taking the Adult Entertainment Industry to a whole new level of for distinguished gentlemen. We realize, our clients are hardworking and sometimes need to escape reality for a short period of time. And, what better way to do it,  with a nice body rub by a sexy lady in a private and secluded environment. 


Welcome to the world of “Discreet Playmates”, an adult getaway of the most exotic College students Chicagoland has to offer.


Why settle for a boring massage in a clinical environment, with a middle age amazon lady, when you can have an exotic, drop dead gorgeous College student relaxing all your tight muscles in a luxurious, upscale setting with soft music and candle lights.


What are you waiting for gentlemen?....just bring the bottle of wine!


Discreet Playmates!